I had an operation on my hand and I used Restoring Balm to help me with not only the pain from the surgery but also the incision site. My hand was sore and I was having aching tingling sensations. I would put the salve right on the incision and all around it and it would help take the edge off the pain and the pins & needles sensations I was getting. It also helped keep the skin from getting dry and cracked. It just aided the overall healing process.”
Steve G.



I had bursitis in my right shoulder and it swelled up. When you put your hand on my shoulder you could feel the swelling which was the size of a softball and there was heat. I couldn’t lift my arm more than halfway because it hurt too much. I rubbed it with the Restoring Balm several times a day and it helped with the swelling and the pain and within a day the swelling was gone and I was able to lift it over my head.” Kathy L.

My 84 year old mother was diagnosed with MBC and as a result the cancer was in her spine, arms and hips. She was often very sore at the base of her neck and in her shoulders and hips. We rubbed her down morning and night with Restoring Balm and it helped with the aching sensations she was feeling. Often it was the only thing that would help keep her comfortable.”
Terry B.



My 89 year old mother had a stiff neck and a sore back. I think she just slept the wrong way but it was really bothering her. My brother had given me some Restoring Balm that he swears by. I massaged my mom with it and it really helped loosen the stiffness she was having in her neck and in her back. I rubbed her down at night with it before bed and she woke up feeling better and she said that the smell of it helped put her sleep.”
Trish S.


I had fallen about 4 feet off of an unfinished deck and landed on my left knee. I had purchased a Restoring Balm that I hadn’t opened yet, and I immediately applied it to the swollen, bruised area, and continued to do so 2x per day. After three days, the improvement was huge! My doctor had said it would be MONTHS before the bruising would subside. Clearly, he didn’t know that the Restoring Balm was a miracle in a jar which repaired almost all of my bruising in only six applications. I am hooked!”
Jenny G.

Let me start by saying… I’m a guy, and creams, lotions, and skin products where not my thing, until I was introduced to Retreat Remedies Restoring Balm. I use the balm every day and every night! Here is s list on ailments I use it for.

1. Face mask at night
2. Itchy feet
3. Remo’s dry skin… (he’s a Pug)
4. Headaches
5. Skin blemishes
6. Aches and pain in the joints
7. Dry skin
8. Razor burn
9. Back pain
Many of my friends have also used this balm for all the conditions listed above. This product changed my daily routine and I always have at least 2 jars around the house at all times!”
Jeff O.


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