Our Ingredients are truly important to us!

The ingredients in each of our formulas were carefully chosen to provide targeted benefits, while improving the beneficial balance of the skin. In addition to our botanicals and full spectrum CBD oil, we use only natural ingredients and have not added any questionable fillers, colors or preservatives.



Why use Essential Oils?

Essential oils have been utilized for centuries to relieve many concerns and conditions of the skin, body and mind. Essential oils are actually gasses, rather than oil, and are typically extracted by methods of C02 or by pressing the plant to extract its precious oils. These are the purest essence of the plant itself, in the most condensed form possible.

Each essential oil is carefully chosen to treat specific conditions such as inflammation, muscle pain, irritation, redness, burns, bacterial concerns and dryness, to name just a few. When used in safe percentages in skincare formulas, amazing results can be achieved. Because these precious oils (gasses) are so concentrated, only small amounts are necessary.

Retreat Remedies has taken great care to select specific oils for each of our formulas to help repair the skin while providing a sense of calmness and balance.

Transparency and quality are important to us, and we will continue to strive to bring you effective skincare with a purpose.

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